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This magazine is designed for everyone. Here you will find articles on various topics: fashion, sports, beauty, goods selection rules, etc. The site is a kind of book of tips, which opens in front of you a hug full of information — an important, necessary, meaningful. Interesting articles can help you to act properly, efficiently and appropriately in all situations. You will learn to make the right choices, to enjoy life, to respond quickly to a variety of non-standard situation of its beingness. The site contains quite a substantial amount of articles about business, about family relationships and child rearing, articles about new technologies, household little things, cars, sports and more. Opening the pages of our site, you open to a world of secrets and tips that are sure to make your life easier, better and more comfortable. Base articles all the time updated, so that you will always get a lot of interesting and useful information that will certainly come in handy in life. URL:

How King Gillette invented the well-known razor?
famous King Camp Gillette who remains more than 100 years the best friend for the man died on July 9, 1932. Also millions of women who are relieved of an easy nebritost of the men are grateful to its invention.

Whether it is worth speculating on the Stock Exchange?
All life — game. If this phrase became your motto, then you perceive each moment of life as game which helps to achieve a definite purpose. For example, to increase the level of…

How there will live your children?
of Each parent the question concerns, his or her child will how successfully be died. And successful life is including material well-being….

How to make the apartment is cozier?
the Apartment are a place where you, at last, can relax, have a rest after work or study, to stay in the accord with itself … It is extremely important that the apartment was the…

How to remove housing in the big city?
Rent of housing — that still a problem, especially in the large city, but not in a village where all know each other. Where to run? Who can help? In how many moving will manage?…

How to choose the smartphone?
Popularity of smartphones grow in Russia day by day. They outstripped pocket computers on sales already now. Probably, in the near future smartphones almost completely will force…

What do I want to remind of plastic cards?
the Main part of the population in the CIS countries very much likes to use the term " plastic card " but actually to mean a bank payment or credit card that strikes up…

When it is better to come to St. Petersburg and whether it is necessary to be afraid of Petersburg weather?

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